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Real Estate Licensing

The Texas Legislature established the Texas Real Estate License Act (TRELA) in 1939 that details real estate license rules and regulations (Art. 6573a, Vernon's Annotated Civil Statutes, as amended effective January 1, 1996).  This act also created the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), the regulatory agency responsible for administering the act.  The governor appoints the nine real estate commissioners (with senate advice and consent).  The execution of the commission's responsibilities is conferred on a full-time staff under an administrator.  Staff functions include application processing, education and examination, enforcement, administration, staff services and administration of licensed real estate inspectors, residential rental locators and residential service companies.

  1. Education Requirement

    The following education is required for a sales agent license:

    1. Principles of Real Estate I (30 classroom hours)
    2. Principles of Real Estate II (30 classroom hours)
    3. Law of Agency (30 classroom hours)
    4. Law of Contracts (30 classroom hours)
    5. Promulgated Contracts Forms (30 classroom hours)
    6. Real Estate Finance (30 classroom hours).
    7. Education course completion documents must be submitted when the application is filed. 

      (Note: To find classes, see Qualifying Real Estate License Education Providers for sales agent and broker applicants)

  2. Filing Your Application

    After you have completed your education, you may file and pay for the Application for Inactive Sales Agent License. Evidence of successful completion of your education via credit transcript or certificate should be submitted with your application. DO NOT submit original transcripts or course completion documents. Keep the originals for your personal files and send photocopies to the Commission.

    Please apply and pay online for your Inactive Sales Agent License. The information requested online is the same as on the paper application. If you are filing online, scan and send your education documents electronically to [email protected] or fax them to 512-936-3863 with a copy of your completed Online Payment Summary page. If submitting your application by mail or in person, please note that an application received without the appropriate fees will be rejected and your check will be returned to you. The following fees should be submitted in ONE PERSONAL CHECK, CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER payable to the Texas Real Estate Commission. Cash will not be accepted


    Fees Required with Real Estate Sales Agent License Application
    Fee Amount Comment

    Original Application

    Fingerprint Fee

    Real Estate Recovery Fee




    Required for all applicants

    Paid to Morpho Trust if the applicant has not bee prviously been fingerprinted by TREC


    Background Check Fee


    Due on initial applications and renewals if applicant has been previously fingerprinted by TREC

    Paper Processing Fee $20.00 Required for any application submitted by mail that is available online

  3. Fingerprint Requirements

    Pursuant to §1101.3521 of the Real Estate License Act, any person applying for or renewing a sales agent license must provide their fingerprints. Once the applicant has obtained a TREC entity number they may schedule an appointment through MorphoTrust. A license will not issue if the background check has not been cleared.

    A $29.75 background check fee must be included in the Original and Registration applications for applicants that already have fingerprints on file with TREC.

  4. Examination Information


    License examinations are administered by Pearson VUE, a testing service company. Once the complete application is received and processed and education is satisfied, the applicant will be notified of eligibility to sit for the examination. The exam eligibility notification will have instructions for contacting the exam administrator and obtaining a copy of the Candidate Handbook to register for the exam. The Candidate Handbook contains information about the examination, study material, and instructions for making an exam reservation. Two forms of current signature identification are required for admission to a testing site. The name on the identification must match the name on the application for a license. The applicant must pass the examination within one year after the date the application is filed with TREC.


    After January 1, 2016 any applicant who fails the examination three consecutive times may not register for re-examination or submit a new license application until additional education has been completed. Applicants authorized to register for the examination prior to January 1, 2016 will get three more attempts to pass the examination. After three failed attempts, an additional 30 classroom hours of qualifying real estate education must be completed for each failed portion of the exam. Upon completion of the additional education, please submit copies of the course completion certificates along with a copy of the third failed score report to TREC at [email protected]. Allow 5-7 business days for processing and re-authorization to be submitted to Pearson VUE to allow you to re-schedule the exam.

  5. Investigation May be Needed

    The filing of an application authorizes an investigation of the applicant's background. Information revealed in an investigation may be cause for disapproval of an application even though other requirements for a license are met. If an investigation is necessary, it may not be conducted until the applicant has passed the examination.

  6. Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Repayment History Checked

    If the applicant has defaulted on a student loan with the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TG) and is not currently making payments under a repayment agreement, contact the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, PRIOR to filing an application, at:

    P.O. Box 83100 
    Round Rock, Texas 78683-3100 
    Telephone: (800) 252-9743
    (in Austin, call 219-5700)

    State law prohibits renewing a license after a license holder has defaulted on a student loan guaranteed by TG unless the license holder has entered into a repayment agreement with TG. A reinstatement application or renewal may be declined if TG has notified the agency that the applicant has defaulted on a student loan.

  7. Obtain Sponsorship

    Before you can practice as a licensed sales agent you must arrange for a Texas real estate broker holding an active license to sponsor you as a sales agent. Applicants and inactive sales agents are not authorized to act as a real estate license holder.

    You may arrange for sponsorship after TREC notifies you that you have been issued an inactive license. The most efficient way to manage your sponsorship is to utilize the Relationship Management Tool (RMT) by accessing your 'My License Online Services' account to send a sponsorship request to an active broker. You may search for active brokers by name, region, or license number. To utilize the RMT, click on the 'My License Online Services' button at the top of the home page. You may also submit a Sales Agent Sponsorship Form by regular mail for an additional fee.

  8. Don't Practice Prior to Licensure

    You are not authorized to perform any act for which a real estate license is required until an ACTIVE Texas Real Estate Commission license is in the possession of your sponsoring broker.

    As noted above in the Filing Your Application section, online applications travel through the system much faster than paper-based applications. The online application process could potentially save you weeks of waiting for a license, due to the delays of regular mail communication and other factors inherent in the paper-based process (such as data entry time and processing of checks).
    Please apply and pay online for your Inactive Sales Agent License.


You're on your way to a challenging and rewarding career in real estate!

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